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P.J. Powell


P.J. Powell is an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press.

Patricia Powell is a writer, apparently one of several writers with the same name, which is either fortunate or unfortunate for all of us depending on which of us you’re looking for and why. Hence the nickname, “P.J.”

Being a creator means wearing a lot of hats. Here are some of mine:

Fiction writer currently exploring the sci-fi/fantasy and thriller genres.  I’ll be writing about writing here, a lot. For therapeutic purposes.  And because I’m an obsessive documentarian with a slight tendency to overshare.  As my generation does.

Strategic internal communications manager focusing on the areas of health care, smart energy, and education.  I’m passionate about health literacy and efforts to make the U.S. healthcare system more patient-friendly and less fragmented.

Horn-tooter working with individuals and small businesses to develop or improve their blogs, bios, social media profiles, and websites.  Even though I can keep a secret, I love pointing out what’s great about you and blabbing it around to everyone.

Visual artist and graphic design pantser who draws, paints, and crafts when the mood strikes.

Musician who wishes someone had taught her how to improvise on the piano, but who is making up for that with the ever-more-portable guitar. Have rhythm, will sing in public.  You’ve been warned.

I’m a staunch defender of the productivity-boosting benefits of short naps, long walks, and dance breaks.   Proud supporter of geek culture for all ages and storytelling across all mediums.

Prior to working in communications, I earned my bachelors and masters degrees in chemistry and worked in science and education.

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