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Brought to you by #5amWritersClub

PJ's testimonial - "I attended this retreat in 2021, and it was full of great craft tools and the best people I could have met to discuss writing with."

A Virtual Writing Retreat for Fiction Writers

Evening of Friday April 8, 2022 - Afternoon of Sunday April 10, 2022

Application required, deadline to apply is Feb. 10, 2022 - there is a fee for the retreat if you are accepted

WHAT: a weekend long intensive retreat where you will take a deep dive into your own characters and plot through a series of interactive exercises, individual writing and group conversations. This 48 hour immersion is designed to help writers at all experience levels advance their works in progress in an intimate and trusting online setting.

WHO: This retreat is designed for writers working on a novel. It is open to writers of all genres and experience levels, but will be especially helpful for folks in the early stages of a new novel, or working on a major revision.

WHEN: The retreat runs from 7:00pm Friday April 8th to 5:00pm Sunday April 10th. Due to the virtual nature of the retreat there is the opportunity to balance family / life requirements (walk the dog, feed the kids etc) during the retreat, but it is highly recommended that you set aside as much time as possible during that period to participate and stay focused with the group for best results.


- Friday evening - Introductions, Goal Setting, Tell us about YOUR book.

- Saturday morning - Main Characters

- Saturday afternoon - Villains, Lovers, Adversaries and Sidekicks

- Saturday evening - Group Challenges & Creativity Games

- Sunday morning - Incredible Journeys - Plotting experiences

- Sunday afternoon - Reversals, Setbacks and Plot Twists & Final Wrap up

*Please note all times published will be EST. If you are in another time zone please advise on your application below.

There will be some time between sessions for individual writing, one on one or small group conversations and other shenanigans.

After you are accepted but in the month prior to the retreat you will be asked to submit a series of preparatory assignments including:

- retreat goals worksheet

- 1 page pitching document about your project

- A sample 10 pages from your novel

You will also be given weekly writing prompts which are optional, but intended as warm ups leading to the retreat.

The cost for the retreat is $198* due by March 1st which includes

-hosting fees

-retreat materials (both electronic and physical)

-a retreat SWAG BAG and a few other surprises along the way.

There will also be two spots set aside for writers who need financial assistance. There is a place in the application form below for anyone who wants to participate but needs financial assistance.

* Please note, shipping costs outside of the USA are not included. If accepted shipping options will be reviewed and approved with the individual prior to sending packages.

DO NOT LET COST KEEP YOU FROM APPLYING. If cost is the only thing holding you back from attending please be sure to check the box and/or reach out.

Please note you may participate from anywhere in the world but there may be a surcharge for shipping materials outside of the United States.

*If at all possible, please get your applications in early. We reserve the right to close applications early if we get a high volume of applicants.

Application Form:


Ralph Walker is an architect and writer, living in New Jersey with his wife and two kids. He has been writing speculative fiction consistently since 2012. His short story THE TOXICITY OF WATER was recently published in Into the Ruins, and his story GATORS IN KANSAS received an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest and is featured in the UnCommon Lands anthology. You can find him on twitter at RW_Igloo or at his website

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