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Best Zombie Party Invitations on Zazzle

Image of Zombie Bear Invitation by n1kishop

Here's one of our favorites. See below for others!

If you want any zombies to find their way to your zombie party, you’re going to need to tell them about it ahead of time.  Custom invitations are fun because you can put your personal spin on the wording; plus they come ready to mail, versus the ones you fill out by hand or run through your printer at home.  The custom zombie party invitations we looked at are a bit pricey compared to other printed invitation options. But if you are having a smaller party or you have the budget to order them for a larger group, custom invites will get your guests excited well in advance of your apocalyptic celebration.

A great place to go for custom invites is Zazzle, but finding good stuff there can definitely be like searching for a brain cell in a heap of zombies.  So to save you some time, we went through the hundreds of invites that might work for a zombie party, and these are our favorites.  These invites range from about $0.90 each to about $3.00 each but discounts start to kick in the more you order.

You can also make your own custom invite with Zazzle from the ground up.  It costs about the same.

The most important advice we can give you about zombie parties is to make sure you throw one.  And try not to get eaten by your guests!

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