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Map of the Dead: Make Your Zombie Survival Map Before It's Too Late

Zombie Survival Maps – Florida, New Jersey – Icons represent locations that would offer shelter or supplies that could make the difference between life and death.  Generated with the Google-Maps-Powered website, Map of the Dead.

Is the zombie apocalypse starting?  Either way, why not get prepared by generating and printing a zombie survival map for each stop along your planned escape route?  And if you don’t have a planned escape route, it’s time to use Map of the Dead to research your best routes for survival.  It’s as simple as typing your location into the search box!

Map of the Dead uses a customized version of Google Maps to pinpoint locations in your area that are critical for survival.  We searched three different locations–Hackensack, NJ; South Beach and Titusville, FL.  The first two locations are due to recent events, and Titusville–well, that’s our home town, just a few hours north of Miami.  We had the best results with Map of the Dead using Firefox.  They recommend using both Firefox and Chrome.

This map above is for Hackensack, NJ.  The blue icons are warehouses, military installations (Hackensack has three on this map) and Police stations.  The lime green ones are either churches, cemeteries, or campgounds.  The red ones are locations for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and dentists.  Also critical to note is the brown airport and the orange gun store.

The map above is for Titusville, Florida.  Note that both the Titusville map and the Hackensack map are almost all in red.  Red zones are danger zones.  Populated enough to be a major issue in the event of an outbreak.  The teal squares are grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, shopping malls, hardware stores, and pawn shops (Titusville here shows only the liquor store.  Well played, Titusville, well played.)

And finally, South Beach and part of Miami.  The only icon class left to mention is the darker green one, which is for outdoors/sporting goods stores.  To its credit, this area has more of the food-and-beverage teal class of markers, but it’s still a red zone, so don’t expect the stuff to be accessible or available for long.

Map of the Dead is a great way to get prepared and stay that way.  Use it before you’re sure you need it!!

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