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Set up a Zombie Makeup Station at your next Zombie Party


Materials (also listed on Amazon)

-white face makeup from the costume store

-black eye shadow

-green eye shadow

-green lipstick from the costume store

-black lipstick from the costume store

-black liquid eye liner pen

-Q-Tips or other cotton swabs

-disposable makeup sponges (wedges)

-No More Tears Baby Shampoo (for washing it all off)

-Optional: red Halloween makeup

-hand mirror(s)

-plastic tablecloth

Click on the image to go to our hand-picked collection of zombie makeup on Amazon!Materials on Amazon


There are two options here for setting up….

OPTION A:  Self service station.  If your guests are children, then this station needs to be supervised so that the applicators are not misused and the makeup goes onto faces only.

If you go the self service route then you should

  1. Cover a table with a plastic tablecloth. Then divide the table into “stations” where each station contains the makeup you need for one step of the process.  You can separate the stations with lines of masking tape.  Here are the stations:

  2. START: white makeup (whole face) and a mirror.  Make sure you have 2-3 containers of white face makeup so that 2-3 guests can work on their makeup at one time.  People can share the eyeshadow as needed but should apply with cotton swabs.

  3. green and black eyeshadow (eyes, hollows of cheeks, “corners” of forehead), cotton swabs and a mirror

  4. green and black lipstick (for lips), cotton swabs and a mirror

  5. black liquid liner pens (for drawing skin cracks) and a mirror. As with the white makeup, have 2-3 liner pens available so this station doesn’t slow down the process.

  6. Demonstrate the makeup application by getting a volunteer and walking them through the process while the other guests watch. Or have the group watch the application video (see below).

Guests can then circulate through each “station” to do a step of the makeup application.  The white makeup needs to go onto the face first, but after that they can visit the other stations in any order.

OPTION B:  Zombie Makeup Artist.  Have 1-2 volunteers do the makeup application for the guests.  It takes less than 5 minutes to do the zombie makeup if you view the tutorial we suggest below.  Guests can drift over to get their face painted while refreshments are served, or during other down times throughout the party.

Makeup Application

We recommend that you watch the video online (described below) but here are the basic steps:

  1. Use the makeup sponge to apply white face makeup to the whole face, avoiding the eyelids and being careful around the eye area in general.

  2. Mix black and green eyeshadow (on the cotton swabs or on your skin), and use the cotton swabs to apply that in rings around each eye, in the hollows of the cheeks and on each side of the forehead.

  3. Apply the black lipstick to lips, followed by the green lipstick, using cotton swabs.

  4. Draw cracks onto the skin with a black liquid liner pen.

*Each guest should use their own sponge and cotton swabs for health reasons.

In terms of demonstrating the application of the makeup, we recommend a zombie makeup YouTube video created by Before&After TV.  We love this 5-minute video that demonstrates easy zombie makeup for kids!

If for some reason that link doesn’t work, you can find a lot of good tutorials if you search YouTube for “zombie makeup kids.”  You can find professional-quality tutorials for zombie makeup for adults, too.

Guests might enjoy seeing the makeup tutorial if it is not too long (the one we recommend takes about 5 minutes to watch).  You could set this up near the makeup stations, or the whole party can assemble briefly to watch it on a computer or the TV, if you have the capability to show YouTube videos on your television.

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