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Zombie Party Games Part 1: Zombie Autopsy Guessing Game

In this fun (and gross!) party game, foods are used as fake zombie body parts, hidden in covered dishes. Guests try to guess which food was used to mimic"zombie fingers" and other parts.

This is a fun twist on a Halloween game you may have played before.  In this version, aspiring zombie apocalypse survivors are taught to identify “body parts” from a zombie autopsy!!   The “body parts” are actually different foods, but each one is labeled with a body part name, and it is covered by a box with a fist-sized hole in it.  Reach in and feel the “eyeballs!”  Then guess what food was used to create them.  The guest who guesses the most foods correctly wins the game.  Guaranteed to make everybody scream, flinch, laugh and have a good time!


To set this game up, you will need to choose foods from the list below, and put each of your chosen foods into a separate bowl.  To conceal what is actually in each bowl, flip a cardboard box over and use it to cover one or more of the dishes.  You can use a large box to cover multiple bowls or one box per bowl.  Make a fist-size hole in the top or the front of the box for each bowl that is concealed underneath.

Set the covered bowls out on a table.  Label each hole with the body part that the concealed food represents.  Or you can print, cut and fold the Body Part Cards here and use those.

Here are the foods and “body parts” we recommend:FoodZombie Body Part It Can Representpeeled grapeseyeballsjelloheartspaghettibrainsVienna sausagesfingersbeef jerkyskindried apricotsearspopcorn kernelsteethsliced melontonguegummy wormsintestinesend of a picklenose

To make the setup look fun, you can decorate the boxes or drape a plastic tablecloth over them and cut holes in the plastic to match the holes in the boxes.  If you cut the tablecloth, just tape the plastic to the boxes so that the holes stay lined up.


Tell the guests that as Zombie Hunters they will sometimes encounter zombie guts, and they may even need to work with zombie guts if they are ever drafted into zombie research.  Tell them that as part of their training, food has been used to simulate zombie remains.

Use this printable guessing game list for your guests. Check out the Body Part Cards, too!

Each guest who wants to play needs to read the name of the body part on the card outside the box, reach in, feel the “remains,” and try to guess what is really in the bowl.  Provide wet wipes or paper towels so they can wipe off their hands at each station, and write down their guess.  You can print copies of the Zombie Autopsy Guess List where guests can record their guesses.  Each page has two copies of the list on it, so just print and cut in half.


At the end of the game, reveal each bowl.  You can add a little drama to the ceremony by reading the little rhyme on each of the Body Part CardsThe winner is the guest who correctly identified the highest number of foods used in the game.

See the table on the next page to get our suggestions for the types of food that can represent different body parts.

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