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Make a Zombie Halloween Prop – Fake Zombie Hands and Feet Tutorial

The results of our fun zombie craft–to make your own, you just need the fake hand or foot, some acrylic paints, and our instructions!

If you’re into zombie crafts, this post might be for you.  We are going to show you how to make zombie Halloween props by painting cheap fake hands and feet to look like real undead body parts.  You can use these realistic zombie hands and feet as zombie Halloween decorations, or to scare your guests at your next theme party.  We shut them into the lift gate of our SUV, and people loved it.

Using acrylic paint and sponge brushes, this tutorial shows you how to layer the coats of paint to transform a fake plastic hand/foot into a very realistic, dead-looking zombie body part. It’s not as simple as throwing a coat of grey or white onto the plastic, but once you know the colors and the order of the layering, it’s pretty straightforward.

This post has our YouTube video demo and some other resources to make this zombie craft easy for you to do, including a materials list (including the hands and feet we used) and still photos of the materials and the actual mixtures of paint we used.

SAFETY NOTE: This isn’t a makeup tutorial.  Don’t paint yourself with acrylics.  You should NEVER use acrylic paints on human skin.

The Fake Hands and Feet We Used

Materials List

  1. Acrylic Paints:

  2. Yellow Ochre

  3. Burnt Siena

  4. Ivory Black

  5. Titanium White

  6. Raw Umber

  7. Ultramarine Blue

  8. Dioxazine Purple

  9. Other Materials

  10. Palette Knives or plastic knives

  11. Sponge Brushes

  12. Clear Coat Spray for Outdoors

The Color Mixtures:

Click on the picture to enlarge.

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