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Training For A Zombie Run: Three Basic Drills to Help You Beat the Zombies

In Training for the Zombie Apocalypse – Womens by ZombieZom

Wondering how to train for a zombie run?  For now we’ll assume that you are handling the part where you make sure you can run a 5K (3.1 miles) under normal circumstances, and that your physician has cleared you to run.  We want to recommend some drills you can do to improve your chances when you do a zombie run.

Tip #1 – Zombie Evasion: Be able to change directions fast when a zombie pops out.

Preparation: Ladder Sprints.  If you were on a football field, you’d start in the end zone.  Sprint to the 10-yard line and back, then to the 20 yard line and back, then to the 30 yard line and back.  If you do this on your street you can measure it out in houses–run past 3 houses and back, six houses and back, nine houses and back.  You get the idea.

Tip #2 – Protecting Your Side Flags From Zombies: Be able to dodge different types of approaches during the zombie run.

Preparation: Dodge Drills.   You need at least one friend for these (or someone who wants to clobber you) but preferably you get a group together and take turns–one person is the prey and the others are the zombies.  It’s also best if you have flags. (Check out this Classic Sport 8 Player Flag Football Kit

Tip #3 – Protecting Your Side and Back Flags From Zombies: Be able to spin away from the attacking zombie during the zombie run.

Preparation: Spin Drills.  You can practice these zombie run drills with and without someone rushing at you.  Run in a straight line for about 10 yards, and without stopping, spin 360 degrees and run off to the side.  Do some runs with a clockwise spin and some with a counterclockwise spin.  When your zombie pal rushes you, you’ll spin the flag their reaching for away from them as you change your running direction enough to avoid their reach.  You’ll literally spin past them.  You can see examples of this in rugby and flag football drills on YouTube.

That should be enough to get you started with some training for your zombie run besides just running.  Stay tuned for more posts on this topic.  And remember, the last one to finish will probably get eaten!

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